The Staff

Those who work with us have a flexibility of approach,but most importantly have that particular enthusiasm and lovefor the subject that cannot help but rub off on the rest of us. Our lecturers are of the highest quality and most are known as important influences in the practice and teaching of homeopathy both in the UK and abroad.

Between them they have inspired countless students to become homeopaths,through their experience and also their ability to impart their knowledge in a stimulating and practical way. We have a core team of experienced lecturers and other professionals are invited to teach throughout the course.

Mike Bridger

Principal &Academic Supervisor

Mike qualified in London in 1985. He has worked with the Terence Higgins Trust and was involved there in the homeopathic treatment of Aids patients until moving to Somerset in 1989. He worked at two medical centres in Taunton alongside doctors and alternative practitioners.

He lectures regularly in London,Ireland,Finland and for fifteen years was a clinician at the London College of Homeopathy teaching clinic. He runs the ‘Orion’advanced practitioner training course in homeopathy and practises at Nelson’s Pharmacy in London.

Kate Mead


Kate qualified as a Homeopath from the College in 2005. Kate is responsible for the day to day running of the College,and is likely to be the first contact you have with the college.

She is available at College weekends for student support.

Kate has two practices in Central London,and is co-ordinator for the Orion post graduate course.

Nicky Gibney


Nicky qualified from the college in 2006 and has a BA(Hons) in Psychology and Sociology. She has considerable experience in mental health issues,having worked in the field for some years. Her previous experience as a Training Consultant enables her to oversee the academic and assessment procedures of the college.

She practises privately in the Bristol and Mendip areas and also founded two busy low cost mental health student clinics which have been successfully running since 2005,allowing homeopathy to be accessable to vulnerable people. She also manages the college clinic.

Dion Tabrett

Dion studied homeopathy at The London College of Homeopathy between 1989-92. He has run two practices in Newbury since qualifying.

He teaches Homeopathic Methodology and Case Analysis and was a tutor and examiner at The London College. Dion also teaches Homeopathic Methodology,Materia Medica and Philosophy at The Contemporary College.

He is a lecturer on the ‘Orion’Post Graduate course and also practises at Nelson’s pharmacy in London.

Tony Hurley

Tony is one of the most experienced lecturers in the UK. He witnessed the resurgence of homeopathy in the late ’60s and early ’70s. He studied with Thomas Maughan,a leading figure and a major influence on present homeopathic thought.

After travelling to India,Tony returned to teach yoga and started practising as a homeopath in 1982.

He studied Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Ian Gordon Brown and in the mid-80s was one of a group of students studying under George Vithoulkas.

Jane Hurley

Jane began her training in homeopathy in 1987. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma and spent two years gaining clinical experience with Ken Metson.

Jane has run her own peripatetic practice for 12 years and her specialist areas include working with elderly and housebound patients. She also works with people with emotional as well as sexual/gender problems.

Jane is the founder member of the South West Homeopathic Group and works with the Professional Conduct Committee for The Society of Homeopaths. She has recently been elected a Director of The Society of Homeopaths.

Chris Gethin

Chris Gethin trained with Misha Norland at The School of Homeopathy,qualifying in 1985. His practice is based in South Devon and he has taught for many years at The School of Homeopathy and for interested members of the public in evening classes.

He has supervised numerous students through their year of supervised practice and The Society’s registration process.

He was Treasurer of The Society of Homeopaths and a Director from 1996 to 2000. Chris teaches Philosophy at The Contemporary College.

Jacki Becker

Jacki graduated from the College of Homeopathy in 1991 and has considerable experience of working with ‘problem children’and mental illness. She works at an interdisciplinary clinic in London as well as from her clinic in Devon.

She has taught at several colleges and supervises student clinical training. She runs a low cost teaching clinic and is a Trustee of the Homeopathy Action Trust. She helps edit ‘Picture of Health’a homeopathic newsletter.

Apart from her general teaching at the college,Jacki has overall responsibility for the final year student cases and liasing with students and their supervisors.

Linda Shannon

Linda has been in full time homeopathic practice for 17 years. On completing her studies,Linda travelled to Calcutta,India where she was inspired by the depth of experience of Indian homeopaths. Wanting to share this,she organised study trips for Western students in India.

She is the founder of the Sunrise Children’s Clinic and Lotus Clinic both of which have offered low-cost homeopathic treatment and sitting-in opportunities for students. More recently Linda has worked as Course Leader at the London College of Classical Homeopathy.

Linda teaches Philosophy at The Contemporary College.


The college often has visiting and guest lecturers.