Orion Course

The Orion Advanced Training course is available as an optional follow on to your professional training and is open to all graduates from a recognised college.

The courses are held annually in Bristol and London. For dates of both courses please go to our Fees and Dates. page.

Details of course content are contained in a separate prospectus that is available for download. Download the Prospectus Here.


The Orion course is a 5 month part-time programme,designed for a small group of practitioners to expand their skills and understanding of the complex subject of homeopathy. Mike Bridger and Dion Tabrett have many years of experience in practice and teaching,which enables them to simplify complexities,dismiss the absurd and impart their knowledge in a lively and enjoyable way. Their love of the work is both infectious and inspiring,and not surprisingly the course moves from strength to strength every year.

Over and above the excellent course content,there remains the higher intention to encourage participants to recognise their own individuality and skills from the perspective of simplicity and natural wisdom. The philosophy of homeopathy is transformed from belief and idea,into the living and breathing world of clinical practice.

Mike’s unique contribution to homeopathic thinking is the system of ‘case mapping’. He has taught this subject for many years now and practitioners repeatedly say that it has transformed the way they practice. This is because ‘case mapping’enables the prescriber to have a clearer idea of where cases may go following the first prescription,and prepares you for difficult situations up ahead. While rigorously adhering to Hahnemannian and Kentian philosophy,Mike teaches that treatment is a process rather than a single act and often requires more than one remedy. By looking at the initial case it is possible to predict the course of treatment that a patient undergoes and therefore be able to deal with critical situations with confidence and skill.

Dion operates from a similar perspective but focuses more particularly on his love of Ellis Barker and Burnett. His love of small remedies and his enviable skill in clinical prescribing and use of the smaller remedies,makes him one of homeopathy’s best kept secrets. Suffice to say there is an extraordinary chemistry between both lecturers and the participants which is true to the spirit of homeopathy and will transform your view of the work you are engaged in.

Applicants must be in practice and must provide evidence of qualifying from a recognised school. All applicants must attend an interview prior to acceptance on the course.

If having read this prospectus there is anything you would like to discuss further,please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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