• Weekend introductory courses.
  • One-year foundation course.
  • Four year professional practitioner training programme.
  • Continuing Professional Development through the Orion 1 &2 advanced practitioner training programmes.

Whichever course you choose the college will provide you with the skills and knowledge to practice homeopathy successfully,safely and effectively to your own chosen level.

The college prides itself on providing a solid grounding in Homeopathic philosophy and theory,along with practical training through the teaching clinic. We will give you the tools that are essential to developing a successful career as a homeopath.

Weekend Courses

We offer weekend introductory courses throughout the year in Bristol. These courses are useful for those wanting a basic knowledge of Homeopathic theory as well as practical information on first aid and acute treatment with Homeopathy. Read more…

One Year Introductory Course

The one year introductory course provides a thorough theoretical grounding in the basic philosophies and principles of homeopathy and covers a number of first aid remedies,acute remedies and remedies for constitutional and chronic prescribing.

Those completing the foundation year will be awarded the ‘Introduction to Principles &Practice Certificate’.

Professional Training

On successful completion of the full four years you will be awarded a professional Licentiate of the Contemporary College of Homeopathy (LCCH). The Licentiate qualification is the industry recognized qualification permitting you to set up an immediate practice as a qualified Homeopathic practitioner upon graduation.

The college and course is recognised by all the main registering bodies including The Society of Homeopaths,Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and the Homeopathic Medical association. Read more…

The Orion Course

This advanced training course is available as an optional follow on to your professional training and is open to all graduates from a recognised college. A 5 month part-time programme,it is designed for a small group of practitioners to expand their skills and understanding of the complex subject of homeopathy.

Mike Bridger and Dion Tabrett have many years of experience in practice and teaching,which enables them to simplify complexities,dismiss the absurd and impart their knowledge in a lively and enjoyable way. Their love of the work is both infectious and inspiring,and not surprisingly the course moves from strength to strength every year. Read more…

Practitioner Development

To work successfully as a practitioner,students will need to develop many personal skills. These include the ability to listen objectively;to support another person through illness or emotional stress;to process painful and challenging material;to be conversant with ethical issues,along with many other considerations. Developing and using these skills requires a good level of self-awareness and self-knowledge.

In order to support patients effectively through a healing process,it is essential that students have engaged in a similar process themselves,either before or during training.

We consider practitioner development  an essential aspect of homeopathic training and is integrated throughout all levels of our training.