Homeopathic Information Links

Homeopathy Course Providers Forum:

The Homeopathy Course Providers Forum (HCPF) is the voice of homeopathy training and education in the UK representing over twenty-five courses;the group meets four or five times a year to discuss opportunities and issues facing the profession. Find at more at www.hcpf.org.uk.

Homeopathic Everything –Homeopathic Educational Services:

One of the most information-dense sites on homeopathy is www.homeopathic.com,which is run by Dana Ullman,MPH,America’s leading advocate for homeopathy. Access to 100+ free articles on homeopathy plus an online catalog of hundreds of books,tapes,medicines,software,and courses. Dana’s free article, Why Homeopathy Makes Sense and Works,provides an excellent explanation of homeopathy (even for skeptics!) due to its references to important research.